Jan ’12
12:00 am


Because of forecasts of dangerous winter weather and driving conditions, Plymouth State University will delay its January New Student Orientation, originally scheduled for Friday January 27, until Sunday January 29. A revised orientation schedule is here. Spring semester classes are scheduled to start Monday, January 30 as planned. (If students are able to travel safely, they may still move in on Friday in advance of Sunday’s orientation.)

If students have difficulty arriving by Sunday, please arrive as soon (and safely) as possible and visit the registrar upon arrive to complete your spring registration.

Please refer to the New Student Orientation web page:


We realize this delay may inconvenience some students and families, but the top priority for University officials is student safety. Orientation information will be posted on the Plymouth State University website (www.plymouth.edu) and available through recorded information on the PSU stormline (603-535-3535).

PLEASE NOTE: Plymouth State University communicates weather delays and other emergency information through a number of channels, including email, our stormline and the PSU website. We also encourage all students to add a text-enabled phone number to our PSU Text Alert system. Students who have not yet opted in to the service should register at http://go.plymouth.edu/alert. (Some data charges may apply based on your cell phone plan.)

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